Modular Apartments & Modular Multi-Family​

Modular Apartments and Multi-Family

You want to expand your apartment, condo and townhouse complexes, but you don’t want to deal with on-site construction. Traditional construction is disruptive, messy and loud. Luckily, there is a solution — modular apartment buildings. Their construction consists of factory-building and simple on-site assembly. Modular apartments end the problems of traditional construction sites and bring […]

What is an Efficiency Apartment?

What is an Efficiency Apartment

Describing a person or a business as efficient is a meaningful compliment. After all, using time well while maximizing efficiency is impressive. What about an efficiency? Are they similarly impressive? Efficiency apartments certainly have their positives and are a good place to call home, depending on the renter’s needs. What is an Efficiency Apartment? The […]

Do Apartments Come Fully Furnished?

Do apartments come fully furnished

So, you’re looking to move into an apartment… There are many things to consider when searching, such as location, cost, appearance, amenities included, type of building, length of lease, etc. Another point to consider is furnished verse semi-furnished verse unfurnished. Every level of furnishings has benefits. Fully furnished might be the right choice for you. […]

Sustainable Apartment Buildings

Sustainable Apartment Buildings

Consumers make choices based on a host of factors. The media’s increasing focus on the environment and sustainability has led to many people feeling concerned about the environment. Therefore, environmental impact plays a role in the choices consumers make, including where they live, so builders are focusing on developing sustainable apartment buildings.  What are Sustainable […]

Why Modular Matters in Urban Areas

Why Modular Matters in Urban Areas

Housing price rise or fall. Home sales grow or decrease. Mortgage rates increase or decline. Housing news is viewed as a big story. Rightfully so. Everyone needs somewhere to live, and for many people, their home is their most valuable asset and biggest expense. These days news about housing includes a focus on the housing […]

How Modular Construction Solves Labor Shortages

How Modular Construction Solves Labor Shortages

There’s a dramatic labor shortage in the construction industry. Some say the construction labor shortage has reached crisis level. This shortage is particularly concerning because it coincides with the shortage of multi-family housing and the passage/rollout of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will mean more competition for labor. One way to meet the need for more housing […]

What Is Volumetric Construction?

What is Volumetric Construction

The United States has a housing shortage. While there is not one solution, volumetric construction can and should be part of the response. The advantages of volumetric building make it an industry primed for growth. A recent study found that the United States needs to build 4.3 million new apartments by 2035. However, since 1997, the largest […]