How to Make the Most of a Tiny Apartment

How to make most of a tiny apartment

As more people live alone for longer, tiny apartments are becoming more common. Besides providing sufficient space for one, tiny apartments tend to be more eco-friendly, less expensive, and easier to maintain. Whatever the reason you’re living in a tiny apartment, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your home. 


Check out these small space living hacks related to design, furniture, and organization and make your tiny apartment your castle.

Space Maximization Hacks

storage maximization

Sometimes the obvious needs to be stated: Maximizing space in a tiny apartment starts with minimizing clutter. If you’re a “stuff” person – you always buy something after watching the home shopping network – a tiny apartment won’t work.


Space maximization starts with simplifying your needs. If something doesn’t have a place in your small apartment, it will take up space that is not available. Consider a storage unit if you can’t resist the urge to buy or have some things you can’t part with. Also think about the other spaces in your life – your workplace, for example. Consider what can be kept there that does not need to be in your apartment regularly.


Don’t buy in bulk. It might cost less per roll to buy a case of paper towels; however, that’s probably not the best way to use your storage. Perhaps, you can still take advantage of sales by being part of a collective with friends and family members.


Maximizing space in a tiny apartment takes some discipline and foresight. If you’re strategic and apply small-space organization ideas, you can have everything you need – including space.

Small Apartment Design Ideas

The next question is how to decorate a small apartment. Ideally, your small apartment will have big windows and plenty of natural light. Besides cutting down on electricity, natural light makes a room feel comfortable. The lighting in your small space should come from overhead to minimize the floor space needed.


Light colors, especially white or cream, make rooms appear bigger. Mirrors are another great small apartment design idea. They reflect light and color through the room. The reflections make us perceive the space as larger.


Another small space living hack: Distinguish the space. Combining the living room with the bedroom and the dining room might seem wise. However, if you can partition space for each function, a tiny apartment can appear more spacious. Design features such as mirrors, see-through shelving, and glass walls can serve as partitions. When light shines through a partition, it adds to the airiness and illusion of space. 

Small Space Storage Solutions

small apartment design ideas

Even minimalists have some possessions. So, you need some small space organization ideas. Having some empty space is attractive and makes a tiny apartment seem bigger.


Maximizing space in a tiny apartment requires thinking in levels. You can’t go out, so you need to go up. Use wall space with shelves, over-the-door hooks, racks, etc. in any part of your tiny apartment. Go high, with shelves to the ceiling and hanging lights and furniture. Even use space over the kitchen cabinets.


Also go low. Use space under your bed, sofa, and desk. Each area is valuable territory; you just need to consider what can fit where.


Use the nooks and crannies. That means putting furniture, etc., against the wall and leaving no corner unused.


If you have a balcony, buy a weather-proof storage unit and store things outside on the balcony. Also think levels in your closets. Use the floor space in the closet in addition to hanging your clothes. A closet organizer is a worthwhile investment to maximize space in a tiny apartment.


Finding creative storage solutions for small spaces is a fun challenge for all residents of tiny apartments.

Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

small apartment design ideas

Compact furniture for small apartments is ideal. There are many styles, colors, etc. in compact furniture, so you can design your small apartment to suit your taste. Bulky furniture makes a room appear denser and harder to navigate. If not compact, then a limited amount of furniture is the way to go in a tiny apartment.


Multifunctional furniture for small spaces is ideal. For example, a bed with drawers on the bottom helps maximize the space underneath as additional closet space. A traditional sofa bed is a great option as well. A bookcase with a pullout shelf for use as a desk means one less piece of furniture. Consider other furniture (ottomans, sofas, etc.) that have storage.


Another great investment is foldable furniture. For example, a kitchen/dining table that can be expanded as needed. The table can have space for folding chairs that can be easily retrieved when hosting guests. A Murphy bed that can be folded into a closet means more space during the day. A loft bed is another good option, as the space beneath the bed can be utilized.  

Small Space Decor Ideas

When considering how to decorate a small apartment, there are many options. So, décor doesn’t have to take a back seat. 


Rugs help differentiate areas in a tiny apartment. Wall art adds a nice touch and doesn’t take up space. Candles, vases, throw pillows, bookends, and picture frames are just a few items that can easily fit into your tiny apartment and allow you to create a décor that suits your style.


Maximizing space in a tiny apartment requires deliberate choices. Follow these tips for small apartment living: limit your stuff; use light colors; go vertical; invest in compact foldable, space-maximizing, or multi-purpose furniture; and make the most of the space you have.


Already living in a tiny apartment and have some small-space living hacks? Share tips and ideas in the comments section.

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