Do Apartments Come Fully Furnished?

Do apartments come fully furnished

So, you’re looking to move into an apartment… There are many things to consider when searching, such as location, cost, appearance, amenities included, type of building, length of lease, etc. Another point to consider is furnished verse semi-furnished verse unfurnished. Every level of furnishings has benefits. Fully furnished might be the right choice for you.

Furnished vs. Semi-Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartments

Before deciding what level of furnishing is right for you, understand the differences. However, there is not one hard and fast rule about what each includes because it’s up to the landlord. Therefore, you should check out the apartment or work with a trustworthy rental agent.


Like it sounds, an unfurnished apartment does not include any furnishings. It does include essential appliances and fixtures such as a refrigerator, stove, toilet, tub, sink, and light fixtures. Other than that, unfurnished apartments are a blank slate – it’s up to you to make it a home.


Next up on the scale of furnishing levels is a semi-furnished apartment. This type of apartment includes the basics. You could directly move into it but would be missing key elements which make it much more livable and comfortable.


In a standard semi-furnished apartment, you’ll find a sofa in the living room and a table (end and or coffee). It may also include a chair. The bedroom will have a bed and a dresser. The dining room has a table and chairs. The kitchen has the standard appliances: refrigerator, stove, and microwave.


Yup, pretty spartan.


A furnished apartment goes a step further than a semi-furnished apartment. Additions include living room chairs, curtains, lamps, coffee tables, end tables, nightstands, etc. It may also include areas rugs, wall décor, trash cans, and other odds and ends. With a bit of work and a few purchases, a furnished apartment is ready to be lived in.

Fully Furnished Apartment

Move-in-Ready Apartments

If the only thing you want to have to do to settle into your new apartment is to unpack your clothes, then a move-in-ready or fully furnished apartment is the right option.


It has all the elements of the furnished apartment and then some. Let’s review the additions room by room. A fully furnished kitchen has dishes, utensils, pots and pans, dish towels, oven mitts, a coffee maker, and a toaster. Other items may also be included, such as nutcrackers, salt and pepper shakers, measuring cups, trash cans, etc.


The dining room typically has placemats, a napkin holder, and a sideboard. In the living room, there’s a bookcase, desk, television, and a video game console. The bedroom includes sheets, pillows, blankets, an alarm clock, and a television. Finally, the bathroom will have a set of towels and a soap dispenser.


Throughout the apartment, you’ll find décor, plants, and other items that make it homelier.

Benefits of Furnished Apartments

To determine if a furnished apartment is for you, know the benefits.


If you are moving into your first apartment, getting all the furnishings for it is time-consuming. It means making a checklist or searching for one online. Then, there’s going to a million different stores or spending hours scouring the internet.


With a furnished apartment, this burden is eliminated. The furnishings have been chosen to fit the apartment and go well together. There’s always room to add some personal touches, should you choose. However, you can do that when you want instead of prior to moving in.


Furnishing an apartment is expensive. If you are starting from scratch, you have to put out all the money at once (or deal with credit card debt). You should, however, expect to pay more in rent for a furnished apartment, but the expense occurs over time, which typically makes it easier to manage.


When you move into a furnished apartment, moving costs are minimal. There’s no need to pay movers or rent a U-Haul (that means you don’t need to bother friends and/or relatives to help you lift heavy furniture). Just pack your clothes and other personal belongings, put them in a car, and off you go.


Fewer items packed means less time is needed to unpack. By nightfall, you can have your clothes in the closet and knick-knacks arranged in your new apartment. This leaves time for you to make dinner in the apartment on day one.


If you move often or are unsure how long you will be in the apartment, furnished apartments offer benefits. Who wants to have to regularly pack and unpack their stuff and lug it to the next apartment? Furnished apartments tend to have more flexible leases rather than a standard one- or two-year lease. Therefore, you can move as regularly as you want or need to.

What to Look for in a Furnished Apartments

As stated above, there’s no hard and fast rule on what a furnished apartment includes. Therefore, before moving in, get an inventory list that lets you know what’s inside. This will also help you bring determine what you need to bring.


Review the lease carefully. As the tenant, you are responsible for maintaining the furnishings. Therefore, the current condition of the furnishings should be in writing. This can be recorded on the inventory list. Also, reasonable wear and tear should be allowed for and expected.


Again, flexible leases are typical for furnished apartments. Review the lease to be clear on the length if you need to give notice, and if so, how long, etc. If you decide to stay beyond the original lease length, the landlord can raise the rent when you sign a new lease.



Fully furnished apartments include multiple benefits that may make them ideal for you. If so, review what the apartment contains before signing your lease. Then, you can quickly be in a furnished apartment with everything you need.

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