Changing Apartments Forever.

Changing Apartments Forever.

Villavo is creating frictionless resident living by turnkey integration of all apartment features from the moment you walk in.

Our Product

Smart Apartments
For Today's Generation

utilizing the integrated tech they’ve grown to expect.

Villavo Smart Apartments

In-Unit Package Delivery

Get notified when packages have arrived to your in-apartment package room.

Keyless Entry

Enter your apartment without reaching into your pocket.

Relaxed woman in her apartment

$0 Security Deposit

Enjoy peace of mind with no security deposit.

Less Space.
More Function.

You should be proud of your apartment. We are integrating hardware and software seamlessly to create complete connectivity with your space.

Did you make your bed this morning? It doesn’t matter. Tuck your bed away with the click of a button.

Turnkey Living
Without the Key

Smart home automation built in to your life the moment you walk in. VillavoHOME connects you with all the functionality of your space so you are in control.

Are you in control of your space?
Let’s find out.

Hello, villavoHOME

One App. Total Control.

Automatically move your bed up or down.
Move your blinds up and down without
getting off the couch.
Wake up and order your favorite caffeinated
drink from your in-building coffee shop.
Change the temperature with the
swipe of a finger.

Our Process

Manufacturing Products.
Not Constructing Projects.

Instead of looking at construction from a risk mitigation standpoint (General Contractor model), we are taking a value creation process (Software development model).

Vertically Integrated Model

Applied in volumetric construction.

Currently, construction projects are structured around many different stakeholders, often with competing interests between one another. This approach leads to “over-the-wall engineering”, where each company performs its tasks and then passes that work on to the next company.

Villavo is bringing all disciplines under the same company, with a single objective; to build a frictionless living experience for the residents.

Volumetric Construction.

The use of volumetric construction unlocks a parallel construction process for each site. As horizontal construction is taking place onsite, we are building the actual apartments in the factory, resulting in a 60% reduced construction timeline.

Each volumetric apartment unit is 95% complete in the factory, with all the flooring, furniture, and TV already installed. The completed modules are shipped and finally craned into place at the site.



Less Carbon Emissions during the construction phase1
Faster than conventional construction
Less landfill waste2
Weather delays in the factory
Less A&E design costs per site
Reduction in overall cost

1 Jang, H.; Ahn, Y.; Roh, S. Comparison of the Embodied Carbon Emissions and Direct Construction Costs for Modular and Conventional Residential Buildings in South Korea. Buildings 2022, 12, 51. https://
2 Loizou, L.; Barati, K.; Shen, X.; Li, B. Quantifying Advantages of Modular Construction: Waste Generation. Buildings 2021, 11, 622.

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