The Pros and Cons of a Studio Vs. One Bedroom Apartments

Studio vs. One-Bedroom Apartment

Deciding on the apartment which is right for you can be challenging. There are many decisions to make before you even begin looking at the apartments. Among the most important decisions is the type or size of the apartment. If you have it narrowed down to a studio vs 1 bedroom, there are some points to consider. Costs, usage, buying habits, and more could impact whether a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment.   


Let’s back up for a moment and define what a studio apartment is. A studio is a one-room apartment that serves as your living room, bedroom, and dining room. There’s an attached kitchenette. The only room that’s separate in a studio apartment is the bathroom.


In a one-bedroom apartment, the bedroom is separate from the living space. The living room and dining room are typically in one large room, while the kitchen and bathroom are separate. 

Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Before deciding which type of living space is right for you, know the pros and cons of each. The pros of a studio apartment start with the price. When other factors are the same (city, location, building quality, etc.), studios cost less than a one-bedroom. If you’re working on a tight budget, the 10% or more difference in price can be a difference maker.


Other pros of a studio apartment include maintenance. It’s easy to keep a studio apartment tidy. The size encourages you to limit your possessions and furniture. Less stuff, less to clean, and less to put away. So, when you come across a sofa that you love, and think, “hmm, that would go great in my studio apartment.” Think again. It will mean clutter and lead to more cleaning.


Studios are more environmentally friendly. Because it’s only one room, keeping it well-lit and at a comfortable temperature requires less energy. Put your favorite lamp in the right location, and it could suffice to keep the entire studio apartment well-lit.

Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment

Okay, so start googling studio apartments? Hold on. It’s time to review the cons of a studio apartment.


Studio apartments are small – can be as little as 300 square feet. Again, they are cozy and can work for one person. But what about when your friend from college is in town or your cousin is looking for a place to crash for a couple of nights? While you may have the space, there is zero privacy which can make that welcomed guest less welcome. Plus, forget about hosting parties – intimate gatherings only in a studio apartment.


Not only is there little living space in a studio apartment but there are also few closets. This con of a studio apartment means you have to think twice about the sofa and even the cool sweater you found on Amazon. If you’re a shopper, the small/limited closet space might be a con of studio apartments that are too much to overcome.

Pros of Living in a One-Bedroom Apartment

one-bedroom apartment

Now, that you’re reconsidering a studio apartment, let’s complicate the decision further and review the pros of a one-bedroom apartment.


The biggest pro of a one-bedroom apartment vs. a studio is the doors. By having a door to your bedroom, you have more privacy. It makes being a host much more palatable. You can keep your more personal items away when entertaining. Don’t want someone to see something – toss it in the bedroom closet.


More space is another of the significant pros of a one-bedroom apartment. They’re suitable for two people, a significant other or a friend. Each person can have their privacy as they need it. A second person also means you can divide the rent in two.


Whether it’s a painting, vase, plant etc, the larger space gives you more opportunity to personalize the apartment. They also include closets, which means you can buy that sofa or sweater without sweating how to make it fit into your studio apartment.

Cons of Living in a One-Bedroom Apartment

So, what about the cons of a one-bedroom apartment? Unfortunately, there are some that you need to consider.


Maybe your prime reason for weighing a studio vs 1 bedroom is because you want your place. No more roommates. Well, if you go with a one-bedroom apartment, be ready to pay more. The larger space, closets, etc. come with a cost. If all things are equal, you’ll pay more for a one-bedroom apartment


The bigger the apartment, the more in it and the more that can go wrong. It could be something you brought into the apartment or the structure itself. That new sofa you got, which claimed to be stain resistant – mmm, not so much. Or the door that is the key to privacy fell off the hinge. Now, you have to wait for maintenance to come to fix it.


Increased costs and responsibility are other cons of a one-bedroom apartment. The larger space means you have more to clean. And if you fill it with stuff – it means more that has to be organized. And those extra costs go beyond rent. Electricity and other costs will naturally be higher since its a larger space (especially if there are two people).


So, where do you stand on the studio vs 1 bedroom debate? Both studio apartments and one-bedrooms have their pros and cons. As you decide which is best, consider price, privacy, shopping habits, and your desire (or not) to entertain. Weigh these factors, and the decision or which type of apartment is right for you should be clear.

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