Modular Apartments & Modular Multi-Family​

Modular Apartments and Multi-Family

You want to expand your apartment, condo and townhouse complexes, but you don’t want to deal with on-site construction. Traditional construction is disruptive, messy and loud. Luckily, there is a solution — modular apartment buildings. Their construction consists of factory-building and simple on-site assembly. Modular apartments end the problems of traditional construction sites and bring stunning results.

Offer your tenants something unique, efficient and stylish. Modular apartment buildings and other multi-family modular homes are becoming more popular. Their unique and eye-catching appearance means more sites are going modular.

Join construction sites across the country making the switch to quality, modern modular construction. Expand your apartment, condo or townhouse options for prospective buyers with modular homes.

Why Modular Apartments?

Modular, single-family homes have been around for some time, but modular construction is more common now. Modular apartments take those projects and upgrade them on a larger scale, going as high as you wish. With their more significant size, they fulfill a permanent need for housing. More families are moving to urban areas, and they need larger places to live. Fulfill their need for housing with new modular apartments, which are sure to draw in potential buyers.

wood apartment module being craned

Green housing is very appealing to any market of potential buyers. Manufacturers can create a modular building that is better for the environment with:

  • House wrap
  • Insulation
  • Solar and other sustainable energy technologies
  • Recycled materials
  • Sustainable materials like bamboo flooring
  • Following environmental policy

Tenants will love the environmental responsibility of your modular apartments. You’ll love how many potential buyers have an interest in these green options. There are even more benefits of modular housing than this. Some reasons to go with modular apartments include their:

  • Modern design
  • Convenient construction
  • Built quickly
  • Cost-efficient build
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • High-quality end product

With the rise in popularity of this type of housing, possible tenants may want to go modular. Give them what they want by selecting modular apartments for your next construction project. You’ll save money and still get an impressive finished product. Modular apartments are also convenient because of their layouts.

Your past apartment projects likely had the same floor plan and layout on every level. That type of design is simple to replicate with modular homes. You could also vary the layout for each unit to have options that appeal to any range of potential buyers. Either option will be easy with modular apartment construction.

Multi-family Modular Apartment Construction

Modular Apartment Construction

Modular apartment building manufacturers have as much expertise and years of experience as other construction companies. With manufacturers, you don’t have to deal with the clutter, noise and mess that come with on-site construction. At most, you’ll have a crane or similar machinery on the job site to assemble the modules. You also won’t have to deal with hiring contractors and other workers. Think of modular builds like automated construction.

Modular apartments, condominiums and townhouses take most of the construction job off-site. Prefabricated modules come from a factory setting to the construction site. From there, it’s like creating a structure with large-scale building blocks. Other manufacturers may construct pieces of the module, transport them to the site and assemble them there. Once the simple assembly is complete, utility experts come in to install plumbing, electrical and other services. The final result is an apartment that looks like traditional construction.

Manufacturers make prefabricated apartments out of materials you’d see on a construction site. The only difference is they use them with a unique twist. In your search for prefab apartments, condos, townhomes and more, you will find different constructions, such as:

  1. Shipping container modifications: Durable, customizable and attractive, this innovative approach turns custom shipping containers into eye-catching, prefabricated apartment buildings. While shipping containers come in standard sizes of 20- to 40-feet long, manufacturers can change them in different ways. Removing walls, combining units and other modifications expand your building’s floorplan. With flexible configurations, you can construct a unique, turnkey project.
  2. Steel modular: These modular multi-family modular homes have a durable steel construction. With a three-dimensional build, they arrive on-site already made. Manufacturers create entire rooms or portions of rooms that come together to create a whole building. Modular apartment building manufacturers using steel can even install furniture and other touches. They do this inside the factory to save time on the construction site.
  3. Wood modular: Prefab multi-family modular homes made of wood can have up to five stories. Multi-family modular home manufacturers create three-dimensional, rigid constructions suitable for shipping. They’re also made to last once assembled. Wooden modular constructions feature laminated veneer lumber (LVL), oriented strand board (OSB), and 2x4s to add to their durability.

Multi-family modular home manufacturers ensure that their products meet building and fire codes no matter what materials they use. Modular buildings often surpass safety requirements because of the control manufacturers have during the building process. The control also allows manufacturers to deliver exactly what you need for your modular housing.

Things to Consider Before Going Modular

Modular Apartment Architects

Before the construction process begins, developers should work with a modular manufacturing company to discuss:

  • Your budget
  • How much space you have for the build
  • Any timeline requirements you have
  • What materials would be best for your build
  • What you need from the build in general
  • How many units you need
  • The size you want for each unit
  • The number of stories you need
The information above helps manufacturers determine what’s best for the build. They may suggest materials appropriate for your building’s height and layout. From there, they’ll begin your customized design, as a traditional construction contractor would.
When you use custom prefab apartment homes, you get what you’d expect from traditional construction. Everything throughout the process is more efficient, though. Still, as you can with traditional construction, you can customize your:
  • Flooring
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
These features turn wood, steel or shipping containers into a stunning home. Manufacturers make these spaces livable in all sorts of climates with insulation and windows. If you’re a fan of the traditional multi-family home, you can still get that look with modular constructions. You could also go modern and offer modular homes with a unique feel. No matter what you choose, these styles will work for any application.

Modular Townhomes and Condominiums

If you want to offer more space to renters, opt for modular condominiums and townhouses. These larger multi-family modular homes will draw in more renters and help you:

Provide More Space

For families who want something larger than an apartment, you can provide a modular townhouse or condo. Available in two-story and taller options, these modular homes feature many bedrooms and bathrooms. They give tenants the space they need.

House Larger Families​

More people can fit into a modular townhome or condominium. Larger families will extend their search to your modular townhouses, and you increase your pool of potential buyers.

Build In Different Areas​

Urban, suburban and rural areas all suit modular condominiums and townhouses. Don’t limit yourself to an urban area as you may have to with apartments. Offer prefab condos and townhomes to expand your reach. Again, your pool of potential buyers increases.​

Create Affordable Housing​

Modular townhomes and condos are the perfect cross between affordable apartments and a home with more space. At a lower price than traditional homes, you’ll get plenty of potential buyers.

Use Less Land​

A multi-family modular home has a low profile compared to traditional homes. While they have more space on the inside than an apartment, they’re still slimmer constructions. You won’t need as big of a lot to create these buildings, or you could fit more of them on your lot.

Expand Your Offerings​

You can always add units if you’ve got the space for them. You’ll already save room thanks to their small profile. Modular townhomes and condos are easy to order again and again with a similar look. Opt for different exteriors and interiors if you’d like each unit to have its own appeal. Either way, they’ll have a cohesive look when produced by the same modular townhouse manufacturer.​

Get Eye-Catching Designs​

Townhomes and condos have a classic and beautiful appeal. You won’t lose that when you choose multi-family modular homes. From modern facades to classic designs, you can choose almost anything that suits your tastes and that of potential buyers. Modular townhouse manufacturers will be able to create what you need.

Quicker Profit Opportunity​

The faster the townhome and condo units are available to be rented the faster you can turn a profit. As is with most modular projects, the in-factory builds to create a faster turnaround time as the on-site work can be completed simultaneously. ​


Modular townhomes and condominiums are great options if you’ve got the space for them. Even if you have space constraints and choose modular apartments, you’re making the right choice for you and potential buyers. Whether you want to build a modular townhouse, condo or apartment, they all come with the same benefits for you and your tenants.

Interior of Modular Apartment

Benefits of Multi-Family Modular Homes

It’s easy to stick to tradition, but modular multi-family homes offer many benefits over traditional construction. Choose modular construction for your apartments, condos and townhomes for advantages such as:

1. Solutions to housing shortages: As more families move to urban areas, a housing shortage develops. Help solve this problem throughout the city with multi-family modular homes. Their quick turnover puts housing on the market sooner. By providing a space for many families, you add even more housing to the market. Your supply meets demand, and you’re more likely to sell.

2. Protecting materials: Because manufacturers make multi-family modular homes in a factory setting, they control the elements. On a construction site, rainy, windy and cold weather can derail a job and damage materials. Factories protect modular homes from moisture and other sources of damage during their construction. You won’t end up paying more to replace damaged materials as you may on a traditional site.

3. Predictable schedules: Manufacturers create multi-family modular homes in a controlled environment. Their control means no unexpected delays. Reliable modular apartment manufacturers will have an efficient production schedule. You can then plan your construction accordingly, knowing that you will receive your prefab apartment building on time.

4. Quicker occupancy: Assembling modular homes is relatively simple, so you’ll have a livable space in no time. Rent out your apartments, condominiums and townhomes sooner with modular construction and assembly. You’re sure to see a quicker return on investment.

5. Eco-friendly builds: This is especially true if you opt for shipping container builds. These modular constructions re-purpose materials and recycle them into eye-catching multi-family homes. Integrate solar or other sustainable energy solutions for a build that’s even better for the environment.

6. Predictable cost: When you choose a modular multi-family home, your quoted price won’t come with surprises. Unexpected expenses can pop up throughout traditional construction, making your final price unpredictable. Manage your budget better with a modular condominium, townhouse or apartment.

7. Saving money: Avoid going over budget on construction builds that go over schedule. Damage to materials on-site, the number of workers and injury to workers can all rack up project costs. As a result of the mishaps, you’ll have smaller profits. Take control of those profits with reliable modular townhomes, condominiums and apartments.

8. Custom designs and builds: Multi-family modular homes offer flexibility in layout, construction and design. Manufacturers usually make modular apartments and homes to order. You get customized construction that suits your needs and appeals to tenants.

9. Expected outcomes: Work with a modular building manufacturer to guarantee your building’s outcome. With the unpredictability of a traditional construction site comes unpredictable results. Modular manufacturers use modern technology to make precise designs. You’ll get exactly what you expected with a multi-family modular home.

10. Peaceful job sites: With modular construction, you don’t have to worry about noise at early hours of the day or dust and dirt in the air. Since a majority of modular construction takes place off-site, the disruption caused by on-site work will be minimal.

Most of these benefits help create an attractive property. While you’ll spend less on modular housing, it won’t look like you did. Potential buyers will see an eye-catching housing option right where they need it. You’ll be able to offer housing even sooner with the efficiency of modular buildings.

Cities and states alike could use faster construction for affordable residential housing and real estate. While traditional construction times and plans could years, if done correctly, modular construction projects turn years to days and months. Recently, there have been many projects completed that involve a team combination of a construction company and local community to build a development of affordable housing. Experts predict the need for affordable living will only continue to trend upward in the coming years.

Modular construction is more efficient than traditional construction, which creates excess waste. Traditional construction also causes congestion in urban areas and other problems that may delay your projects. Let a multi-family modular home manufacturer take care of the most stressful part of construction. You’ll only have to worry about what offers to take for your property once they come flooding in.


Modular construction is no longer the “future” of construction, the future is now. America is short more than 5 million homes, with the plethora of advantages that modular apartments bring, many will likely begin to turn to it to help solve the housing crisis America is currently facing. Are you ready to be a part of the solution?

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